Global Assembly on ‘Tackling Climate Change and Inequality’

To match the core focus of COP26, scheduled for 01 - 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, The Centre for Development (CfD) will stage a Global Assembly on ‘Tackling Climate Change and Inequality' on Saturday 06 November 2021 at the Glasgow University Union, to be attended by Naturalists, Environment Community Action Entrepreneurs, Youth Environment-Activists, Climate Lobbyists, Specialists, Academics and Researchers from across the Globe. Practically, it will be the Assembly of resource individuals and organizations representing initiatives adapted to mitigating environmental degradation and climate change.

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Launching of JNE & GIfNE

The Day-long Global Assembly on 06 November 2021 would include a Conference Session on New Economics of 5-Optima (Corona Health Crisis & Vaccine, Climate Change & Nature, Poverty & Livelihood, AI & Job Losses, Inequality & Welfare). The Global Institute for New Economics (GIfNE) – [Real-World Policy Cistern Aiming to Pool Shared Experiences, Promote and Value Action Research Surrounding New Economic Ideas] and Journal of New Economics (JNE) will be launched from the podium, amid the presence of a handful of Adam Smith scholars.

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JNE - Youth’s Transnational Guide

The Journal of New Economics (JNE) is Youth’s Transnational Guide to Being the First Sustainability Generation. It would Guide and Undertake Survey out of Glasgow, the Great City - Where Adam Smith’s prophecy on modern economics was centred at the University of Glasgow - Where the Industrial Revolution of Machine Energy began in the 1760s.

What Sustainability Essentials Matter Most for A Nation - Whose Peoples, especially Youths Must Begin Caring About?

Glasgow in Scotland – Nucleus of Industrial Revolution 1760-1840: Eighty percent Scots as Diaspora Nation live around the world - so we care about youth’s sustainability friendships – productivity & happiness – Everywhere. We are proud that Scots started the first two Machine Revolutions – Energy / Steam Engine by James Watt (1736-1819); later (Tele)communications - Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) and Television by John Logie Baird (1888-1946). The Great Economist of All Times, Moral Philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790) reinforced these remarkable inventions to Trade and Prosperity – both local and global.

Upsetting, because these revolutions were not shared equally in terms of all lives matter, but used mainly by White Empires to rule the world – selfishness, on rejection of morality, had been the root cause of the world wars in ominous consequences. Whereas, Adam Smith was concerned with equality of access to machines from their very first applications.

We view the 2020s as Youth’s ‘Last Best Chance’ of celebrating the future of our species and livelihood. As Scots, What a Glorious ‘Nature Saving’ Global Event than COP26 in November 2021 - Glasgow will Host and Stage! So, we would like to help unite the Youths - Before, During and After of this Event sharing urgent needs and solutions. Why Not Get Started with Ideas Anytime Soon by Contacting –

Dr Zasheem Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Social Business (JSB)
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Chris Macrae, Economist & Archivist, Industrial Revolutions and SDG Generation Youths
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