Frequency of JNE Publication

The JNE is a Double-Blind Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Journal. For consideration of spaces in the future JNE issues, Manuscripts must be received at least Five Months prior to respective forthcoming Two Biannual issues in a Year – January and July. Since its Launch in January 2021, the JNE had Printed Version only. From 2022 it will be both Printed and Online.

Journal of New Economics (JNE) – ISSN 2046-4339 (Print)
Journal of New Economics (JNE) – ISSN 2754-3218 (Online)

Indexing, Abstracting, Key Words & Classification

Journal of New Economics (JNE) would be Indexed, Abstracted and Classified - Google Scholar, EBSCO, SSRN, JEL. It would generate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Numbers for Articles.

Abstract, Overview and Executive Summary are synonymous ‘packaging of a product’, implying abridgement of purpose, analysis, findings, conclusions and outlook.
Key Words (essential whilst undertaking research into databases), spells out core focuses by element, topic, category, sub-category, field, etc of the content covered by a paper.
Classification, since the Journal JNE is Economics-leaning, JEL Classification Format is being appropriately followed.

Generation of Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Numbers for Articles – A DOI Number permanently and unambiguously would identify the piece of content to which it is associated. It would allow for a quick and precise search of a specific JSB Research Article.

Final Publication

The Editor-in-Chief of JNE reserves the right to refuse any Article - whether invited or otherwise - and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication. The Managing Editor, on behalf of the Publisher, shall furnish Author(s) of accepted Article(s) with proofs for the correction of printing errors. The proofs shall have to be returned within Two Weeks of submittal. The Editors or Publisher shall not be held responsible for errors which are the result of Author(s)'s oversights.

Upon publication, Corresponding Author is offered a Complimentary Copy of the JNE Issue containing their Article. Extra Copies can be supplied to Authors on demand at Special Author Rate for the Issues containing their own Articles.

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