JNE Annual Subscriptions are categorized as –

  1. Institutional – Universities, Colleges, Libraries, World Institutions;
  2. Organizational – Public, Private and Corporate Enterprises, Social Enterprises, World Bodies;
  3. Individual – Academics, Full-time Students, Social and Community Development Activists, Enterprise Executives.

Subscriptions taken out at Individual Rate are strictly for individual, non-commercial use only. The reselling of individual subscriptions is strictly prohibited. Individual subscriptions must be purchased with an individual (personal) cheque or debit/credit card. Proof of personal status may be requested. Subscription Rates are variable, but exclusive of VAT/Sales Tax. The JSB Online-Version Annual Subscription (in all cases) will categorically apply to Subscriber’s Users in the Subscribing Country Only, not to the same Subscriber’s Users in Branch(es) or Off-Shoot Campus(es) abroad. For information contact: / All Subscriptions (Print & Online) are to be Paid in Advance. The Invoice Sum/£Valu is Net of Transmission/Wire Fees and/or Bank Charges. All Print-Version JNE Subscription Prices include Cost of Postal Mailings.


The Library Recommendation Form is Available on the Inner Page of Back Cover of both Printed and Online Versions of JNE Issues. 

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